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Monday, 25 August 2014

Beginning another year of RelEd

Took me a while to realize what all the acronym and abbreviations I see are meant to indicate - catechists like jargon as much as those in any line, I suppose.

Anyway, RelEd is how we are currently naming the processes, although most of the quasi-official papers that pass through our hands seem to use "CCD", a term that if thought was a relic of my remote youth.

Although I am NOT looking forward to it, I will be receiving some sort of formation and certification myself -- I have long been dead wary of any endeavor necessitating interaction with a facilitator, (particularly one who refers to herself as a facilitator,) although the woman in my parish scheduled is a delight, and a well-spring of humility.

There is so much mis[leading]information about on Catholicism and catechesis, you know? even from what one would expect to be orthodox sources.

Not quite misinformation, not literally wrong, but implying untruths by means of selectively edited truths.

I told some other catechists that I would forward some links that I thought would make their lives easier, (the Compendium, for instance,) because our DRE, thankfully, is adamant that we are to embrace the magisterium, not offer opinion at odd with it, and not answer questions from a place of ignorance, or with conjecture. (This is a reiteration of the message in a moderately stern missive our deacon sent to all of us last year, mid-year.)


I am reluctant to forward some links because of the dissent to which they may, or actually do, then link. One really interesting, valid and unobjectionable article, about methods of presenting the Faith according to the age of listeners happily provided links more on the subject from an organ that purports to offer "Catholic" "reporting" -- yet they have no quibble with identifying someone as a "Roman Catholic woman priest."

Such a periodical is not Catholic and cannot be trusted to present a Catholic perspective. Period. The end.

I am leary of otherbooks, magazines, forums, that insist on presenting excessively limited, (or is that a contradiction in terms?) views of Church history or ecclesiology -- Vatican II is often conferred some kind of unique, stand-alone authority as if it were the only council ever, or at least the only one that "counted," (you know how we Catholics like to ask if things "count,") rather as if it were in contradiction instead of  continuity with what preceded it.

Anyway, I shall keep an open mind going into whichever certification process I choose.

At least one of the programs sounds content dense, so at least it won't be boring.

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