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Monday, 25 August 2014

How did Blessed Theresa of Calcutta put it, "something beautiful for God"?

Our time, talent and treasure... well, we need to prioritize, right?
Most of life is about balancing conflicting, I'll even say GOODS.
Most people who sin or err don't consciously neglect a Good in favor of an Evil, they neglect a greater value in pursuit of a lesser one. (Slippery slopes, and all that.... sports and physical culture are good, but how many Catholic school systems regularly schedule events on Sunday mornings?)

Anyway, stumbled across mention of the CMAA chaplain on the Interwebs, (have I mentioned how much I love what a "guy" he is? as are so many of the priests one meets at Colloquium.)

I present a quote from Father Pasley, rector of Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin New Jersey, who wrote on the Feast of the Assumption: “The worship of God should not be haphazard. It should not be cheap and commonplace. It should never be rushed to get it over with….Modern secular society has put its time, talent and money into.....self-indulgence, pleasure and material comfort. The world shows us what it considers important. My good friends, we [Catholics] counter with a very different view.”
Or do we?

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