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Friday, 8 August 2014

"Nothing old-fashioned, like sex or murder...."

I love opera.
For all the carping about Peter Gelb, I am in his debt for his visionary role in bringing opera, the Met broadcasts in HD onto the big screen.
I love them.

Likewise, I love that the caddish, (or laddish?) writings of some UK critics and the fracas it engendered revealed to me the live streaming going on accessible in my very own home, on my very own ancient desktop, of productions from Glyndbourne and elsewhere.

And I REALLY love that besides Glyndbourne and ROH, England produces masterpieces like THIS promises to be (not) (oh, and also, not - that I'd want to watch it -- but com'on, that's first class comedy writing!):
Camilla Kerslake is ...hoping to shake up the opera world this week as she appears in a controversial new production, wearing a vampy floor sweeping Morticia-style dress.'They wanted me to go naked underneath, but I refused and we settled on nude underwear.'
The opera - covering sex, spirituality and plastic surgery and is the creation of composer Toni Castells.
Camilla hopes the new work will make opera 'more mainstream.'...
She added: 'In the modern day things like sex, plastic surgery and spirituality need to be addressed. 'The classic opera is full of murder and adultery but what we are trying to say is more about modern issues. It is basically an expression of human condition and is much more accessible to the average person on the street. This is a really exciting way to make opera more mainstream.'

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