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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

"Object and outline teaching; a guide book for Sunday-school workers. Designed to explain, defend, and exemplify the use of objects, the blackboard, maps, and pictures in Sunday-school teaching"

Yes, this is the name of an actual published book, part of the NYC Library holdings, apparently because in 1871 there was dissension in the ranks of (presumably protestant,) catechists over whether it was right to use anything other than the Bible and the spoken word to instruct ones charges.

'Cause ya know, the blackboard is a "secular machine"...

Hmmm, come to think of that, maybe that's why the day erase board has gained such prominence - its color is more virtuous!

Actually, such struggles go on today in all seriousness - is a comic book graphic Bible more  demonstrably beneficial than potentially harmful on balance?

The author, Henry C McCook expresses sympathy with those who oppose the use of illustration to hand on their faith, "not because I fear its proper  use, but because I see how readily it may be abused, and how great are the evils of its abuse."
I suspect there's a little of the "we're not like those Catholic, who pray to graven images" streak of roundhead iconoclasm in play here.

And of course, he is right - this is, boiled down, the same fight I am fighting regarding pop/rock/folk/classical/mariachi/Victorian ballad/rap/children's song perfectly apt for some particular constituency's devotions, but utterly unsuited to liturgy.

Anyway, clearly, the same battle has raged for many a year, on many a front.

I must, however, learn more about "the quackery of art in books."

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