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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

"And For Your Protection, We Now Have a New 'Zero-Mercy' Policy in Place!"

Another example of the evil, yes, EVIL, (not to mention incredible intellectual laziness,)  of so-called "zero-tolerance" policies.
A few years ago I made myself persona non grata at a church meeting where everyone was clucking over a beloved priest in a neighboring parish who had been relieved of his ministry duties the night before, after the revelation of a decades-old accusation.

"We're all damned lucky God doesn't have a zero-tolerance party."

Well what would you do? the Church has to get rid of these men, across the board.

"Youre telling me you would react the same way if you found out that forty years ago your husband had a consensual relationship with a 16 year old girl when he was 22; as you would if you found out that he were serially raping 12 year olds up to this very day?"

That Church lady never liked me much anyway...

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