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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Why Do People Always Ask "WWJD"?

Should what Jesus would do be our guide?
Should we not rather ask, what would Jesus want me to do?
What He might do, what He may do, what He has done - these are not necessarily relevant.

He might tell a cripple that his sins are forgiven, He might say I am the Resurrection and the Life, He might ask His governor, and His worried-sick Mother, how could you not know I'd be taking care of my Father's business?

 I not only don't do these things, I daren't do them!

Nope, we have neither the power nor the right to do what Jesus did.
(Although turning over tables to end irreverence and abuse in God's Holy Place should be a message to those upset with Liturgy Shaming Admonishing.)

Oh, and one last thing - another correct answer to WWJD?

Start my own Church.

That's right.

Not my prerogative, you know?

Not yours, either.

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