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Sunday, 13 March 2016

"Make Hell Great Again!"

You know he's winning, don't you?
No, not Trump. And not Cruz, and not Clinton, and not Sanders, and not Rubio, and not....
Well, no one who is running for anything.
Who's winning?
That's right.
And he's mighty happy about it.
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You know why he's winning? you know why he's happy?
Not because me, or my candidate is for or against socialism, or immigration reform, or universal health insurance, or free trade, or protectionism, or nationalism, or free higher education for all, or lower taxes, or higher taxes....

He's winning because every time he gets a candidate or a protester to say something hateful, he has a really good chance of getting one of us to hate the speaker.
Not whatever the speaker said, but the speaker. Another human being. Made in the image and likeness of God.

Oh, sure, the father of lies is pleased enough when he gets us to despair, or to question how there can be a good God who allows evil, because hope and faith are important, so when we lose hope, or lose faith he's got a foot in the door -- but they're small potatoes compared to the real prize.

When he gets us to hate? to lose love, to abandon charity, to stop desiring the good of others, even others we don't like, maybe especially those we don't like - that's the whole shebang.

He has all the delegates he needs.

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