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Monday, 28 March 2016

The Paper of  Record  Axe-grinding?

(You may notice, I have resumed complaining following my Holy Week fast.)
Mother Mary Angelica, nee Rita Rizzo, in the words of the President of the USCCB, an “extraordinary woman, devout believer and media pioneer,” merited a fairly long obit in the au gust ful New York Times, and rightly so.
She had an influence on both mass media and religion in his county such as has not been seen since Billy Graham, I would opine.
The Times, of course, was desperate for a death to outrank hers on their obituary page. They didn't actually find one, though they pretended otherwise.

What struck me in their "reporting" was that they found two American prelates whose opposition to her and her work they could include in the piece.

Well, no, not really that.
Of course anyone who actually accomplishes anything is going to make, at the very least, frenemies.

I think the Cardinal and the Archbishop the Time cited qualify as actual enemies.

But seriously, (and just to let you know where I'm coming from, I have never been a particular fan of Mother Angelica, though I admire her work immensely, and have grown to admire her more and more over the years,) how could you quote a liberal churchman or two with whom she had run-ins without noting that one of them resigned in disgrace and the other was relieved of ministerial duties in his disgraced retirement because, um, SHE WAS RIGHT?
Their liberal "morality" and ecclesiology was bankrupt.

Would you quote Cardinal Law on Church governance without noting ... a lack of credibility?

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