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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Feeling Fertile?

Their newsletter having arrived, I've been reading various past on the website of the Rosary Shrine, including about their most recent profession.
The new nun is challenged  -
Do you wish to be totally consecrated to God and dedicated to the universal Church in a new way, in order to announce prophetically the blessings of Christ and to enlarge the people of God with your hidden fecundity, and do you wish to be set aside for our Order by solemn profession so that, while persevering in prayer with Mary the Mother of Jesus, you may ardently desire the fullness of the Spirit?
Perhaps it is because I am childless, and though not by choice, quite contentedly, that one phrase struck me so ringingly, she is bid,
Enlarge the people of God with your hidden fecundity.
"Hidden fecundity."
It's a wonderful description of the duty we all have to spiritually nourish the Mystical Body of Christ, (which paradoxically, in so many ways but especially in Christ's Real Presence in the Sacrament nourishes us.)
We are, each of us, regardless of station in life called to spiritual motherhood and spiritual fatherhood.
Though I have neither given birth nor adopted a child of my own, I have never felt disconnected from the ongoing commission to be fruitful and multiply.
I've tried not to "fall down on the job." I have brought in to communion and kept in communion, I have loved and taught children, I have if not given at least saved life.
One is not just his brother's keeper, at times one is his parent, no?

Get out there and bear fruit!

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