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Monday, 14 March 2016

On the other hand, how do we know which "mafia" Chaouqui meant? I'm told they come in various shades

The monsignor said-
that when the Vatican Commission concluded its work, he felt pressured by a disappointed [pr woman], who had left her job to work on the commission, thinking that she would have a new job in the Holy See.
He was scared mostly because she had access to confidential information and had hinted that she was the number-two of the Italian secret service.
The most severe statement came from her in December 2014: "Here we have to seek help, and the only possible way is with the mafia.”
This person --
Image result for Francesca Chaouqui glamour
-- who tweeted lies, nonsense inaccurate claims about a pope having a deadly disease; and thought Twitter was also an appropriate forum to air corruption accusations against an on-his-way-out curial cardinal; turned out not to be a good fit at the Vatican?

Who'd a thunk....

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