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Friday, 23 January 2009

Associated Press has Reported Scores of Facts Over the Years

In fact, I daresay scores of people find the AP at least a slightly reliable news-gathering and disseminating organization.

I think for instance, their reporting has helped us to know that scores of Americans have been killed in the Iraq War, and even more scores of Iraqi civilians.

Scores of people have died of AIDS in the US in the past year.

There are scores of people losing their homes in the mortgage crisis.

Scores of Americans are being laid off and filing for unemployment this month.

The CEOs and boards of some of the companies the taxpayers are bailing out spent scores of our dollars on frivolity in the wake of the bail-out.

Do those sentences sound about righ,t to express the magnitude of the numbers of people involved? They sit okay with you?

A good piece from the Los Angeles Times by Peter Johnson went into detail about the bias that amounts to lying with the truth exhibited by many media outlets on life issues ten years ago.

Not much has changed in half a score of years.

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