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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Havey, Needy and Wanty

It is difficult to imagine anyone other than a fashion writer for a major metropolitan paper being quite this out of touch.

Only in France is the recession lauded for posing a crisis in values.

Can she really be so unaware of the way people around the country, whether sincerely or not, are making noise about rethinking their values, curbing their excesses, extolling the joys of simplicity and frugality?
I mean, even if there are no commoners for her to talk to, there is blogdom...
The country seems to have just discovered the perils of compound interest, the advantages of single-income families, and the difference between being "needy" and "wanty," (one of the cleverest lines ever in an exceptionally clever television show, the Tick.)

(By the way, another sin of pride -- I have got to stop being so smug about not only ALWAYS having been skin-flinty, although in a peculairly generous way, but gradually converting Himself to that, as well as Roman Catholicism.)

Karl Lagerfeld says, "I call it ‘the new modesty.’ ”
How very Marie Antoinette dressing up as a milkmaid...
(May I add how cringe-worthy I find it when people, and I admit to doing this myself, quote themselves? Or as I like to say.... Ick.)

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