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Monday, 12 January 2009

Weather and Liturgy

Well, hasn't the wicked winter just wreaked havoc on my programming?
"Wrought" havoc?

We have not had a choir Mass since Christmass Midnight, not even Christmass morning, when sufficient numbers of the right people showed up to make the planned and printed order of music do-able.
Put in a good two hours filing Christmass music tonight, still not done.
Alphabetical order is a concept that seems to have eluded some of us.
It was sad putting away "What Sweeter Music..." without another go, and I did want another crack at Tu Scendi.
Cantor rehearsal tonight was mostly no-shows.
Wonder if there will be anyone for the funeral choir tomorrow morning...?
For a funeral Wednesday I was just emailed a list of mostly inappropriate, some vaguely illicit, music.
When did the notion that everyone should be, or is even capable of being his own liturgist take hold of the Catholic imagination?
I am informed that there will be an instrumental soloist, (on account of whom I must remember to bring my ear plugs.
The flute as a weapon, if you've never experienced it, don't underestimate it.)

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Sir Monocle said...

Sadly, I have the same attendance problems. If somebody has a solution for this, I will pay whatever the price.