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Monday, 26 January 2009

Personally, I love cassocks

I own one, in fact. Very beautiful, very fine silk. Enormous, I've thought about having it tailored and shortened, but why?
My wearing it would be very offensive to some people, in consideration of my sex.

But Fr Dwight Longenecker has a charming post on the pros and cons of wearing one.

  • It looks smart
  • It really is more comfortable than a jacket
  • If your ermm, body shape fluctuates you have more expansion room
  • the pockets are capacious
  • It's cool when you want it cool--you can wear shorts and T-shirt underneath
  • It's warm when you want it warm--just wear warmer gear underneath
  • the high school kids generally think it cooler than a tab shirt etc.
  • it looks great with the big black cape I still have from my English days
  • the scapular makes a handy hotpad for getting things out of the oven
  • people in airports take notice
  • it is a sign of contradiction
  • a guy at the cash register at Office Depot asked about RCIA
  • The scapular makes you look thinner
  • it says 'Catholic and proud of it' in the Bible Belt
  • You are not mistaken for an Episcopalian
  • You can hide a sawn off shotgun underneath the robes
  • You can't misbehave when wearing the uniform


  • They're more likely to frisk you at the airport security... You might have a sawn off shotgun hidden up there
  • The scapular gets stuck in the car door
  • Personal errm...hygiene matters become more complicated
  • It can be tricky going up stairs
  • Like the Scotsman's kilt--people wonder what you wear underneath
  • The cat thinks the scapular is a plaything
  • The children think the scapular is a plaything (it is treated as a train or blindfold)
  • You're mistaken for a monk.
  • You're not mistaken for a monk.
  • The scapular gets caught in the spokes of the motorcycle wheel--definitely not good--especially at high speeds
  • All those buttons....but I'm not cheating with one of those zip up jobs
  • People at airports take notice
  • You can't misbehave when wearing the uniform

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