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Tuesday, 20 January 2009


This is a marvelous hymn text (LM, she suggests using BEACH SPRING,) in support of the sanctity of human like by the nothing short of brilliant Kathy Pluth, the "New Ephrem", suitable for a variety of occasions many of us will encounter this week.
I can't find my post on this at the CMAA fora, but my proposal was that the MacArthur people get on the ball and give this woman a "genius grant" so that she can devote her time to preparing worthy translations of the great Catholic hymns, to be sung to the glory of God and to the sanctification and aedification of His people.

1. At the dawning of creation, God divided light from shade,
And He made us, male and female. In His image we were made.

(Refrain) And the life that God created we will honor and defend
From conception to the heavens; from beginning to the end.

2. God the Father called a people, and He drew them by the hand
And He led them through the desert and into the Promised Land.

3. In His saving Incarnation, Jesus bore a human frame
To restore the sacred Image hidden by our sin and shame.

4. And He walked among the people, healed the sick and raised the dead,
And the poor rejoiced at hearing the appealing words He said.

5. On the Cross, our gracious Savior Jesus laid His body down,
Dying as the Man of Sorrows; giving humankind a crown.

6. And He sent the Holy Spirit for forgiveness of our sins.
Even now God dwells among us; even now, new life begins.

7. When we share the Holy Myst’ries in the Eucharistic food
We are filled with life eternal: Jesus’ Body and His Blood.

8. When He comes again in glory, all the dead shall rise again,
And our human eyes shall see Him in the splendor of His reign.

c. 2008 by Kathleen Pluth. Anyone may use this hymn freely.

But I have rethought this, forget the MacArthur Foundation -- USCCB, why are you spending your money, wait, why are you spending my money, OUR money on, say a film office?

THIS is what you should be funding.

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Sir Monocle said...

I'm not sure if this is in GIA's Gather, but I know I've seen it in Ritual Song. A great hymn!