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Friday, 30 January 2009

Treasures of the Triduum? Terrific!

The day up at Mundelein was wonderful, wonderful. It was described thusly :

The Church gives "proper" texts for nearly all of its liturgies, [WHAT A CONCEPT! are ya listenin?, you know who you are...] texts specifically chosen for each day, intended to enhance comprehension of the day's readings and prayers. By recovering the use and meaning of these texts and their musical settings, the deep intellectual and affective content of the Easter Triduum can be unlocked and made more fruitful for the faithful.
This workshop offers theological insight and practical ideas presented to inspire a deeper understanding of the mysteries and to foster more conscious participation in them.

They can do no wrong at the Liturgical Institute -- what a richly rewarding workshop.

Frs. Fuller and Martis were a very compelling combo, (if they ever wanted to branch out into stand-up....)
In all truth, the perfect touch, taking what they do seriously, and themselves not at all.

I urge anyone who has the opportunity to participate in Liturgy, Justice and Social Reconstruction, "Theology of the Priesthood" with Dr.Matthew Levering, or their annual Sacred Music Retreat, register, NOW.

When I think how many fortuitous, seeming accidents afford me these opportunities...

I am very blessed.


Kimberly said...

The sad thing is that they scheduled their Sacred Music retreat so that it is competeing with the CMAA sacred music colloquium. They should have had more communication between them. I find it ironic that NPM is ALSO having their annual convention in Chicago this year, a week or so before the CMAA's....

Anonymous said...

I have something else big happening in late June, so I'm not certain which if either I can get to.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)