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Monday, 26 January 2009

Taking risks for Him Who is Truth

This is kind of old, but I don't think I posted it when I came across it at Orthfully Catholic, and it's wonderful.
My pastor gave a terrific homily this weekend where he contrasted Paul's risking-all commitment to the Truth to the sometimes silent voices of those who have the bulliest pulpit to the Sanctity of Life.

At Mass today Father gave a whole new meaning to in persona Christi. He said more priests should be thrown out of their parishes by their parishioners as Our Lord was thrown out of the Synagogue in today's Gospel simply by preaching the Truth.

He said priests are not preaching the truth from the pulpit anymore and Catholicism is becoming too comfortable. He used today's patron, St Alphonsus Liguori as an example, he preached the moral truth, God's Moral Law, something priests aren't doing any more.

So come on Fathers, preach the truth and get thrown out of your churches for Jesus!

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