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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy New Year!

What's that you say, I'm a tudge late?
I am back to posting.
The one exception was new to me, posting remotely via another site, (that quiz -- the spacing certainly came out badly.)
For the 1. 6 readers who stop by from time to time, thank you.
To the 0.6 who actually missed me, thank you even more.
First I was busy, then I was upset, then I was angry, then I was tired, then I was lazy... and then I though it best not to express myself googleably in public.
Anyway, being able to celebrate the Epiphany properly yesterday has made all the difference in my self-indulgent life, and I am back to, (what I laughably refer to as,) normal.

Let us welcome this New Year, full of things which have never been.
-- Rainier Maria Rilke


Sir Monocle said...

Welcome back! I mentioned it in my post yesterday. You've got to try Gilhooleys on 103rd and Pulaski. It's a beautiful bar inside - full of original 19th century French posters, ornate woodwork, etc... The place is actually owned by St. Xavier University. It was donated by Richard Driehaus. Anyway, the hamburgers are the best anywhere.

Scelata said...

Oh, excellent, Happy New Year and thanks for the recommendation, Himself will be very grateful.

(Save the Liturgy, save the World)