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Friday, 26 June 2009

And a good time was had by all....

these dour, joyless trads
, said she, delicately
dabbing the merlot from the
corner of her mouth.

Father Jeff Keyes, was the CMAA's "mystery speaker" last night, and the account of what he has accomplished at St Edward's is both inspiring and, (in my case,) discouraging.
Because, yes, it can be done.
It HAS been done!
But two things are needful, and the musicians are only half of the equation. If the other half is wanting... well, let's just say at the festivities afterward, (luscious wines, dear Charles and dear Wendy! many thanks,) a small element of sorrows-drowning may have entered in.

It is inevitable that in a machine with as many moving parts as this week has, there will be tiny breakdowns, probably on everyone's part, but as the week goes on and I become more and more tired, (what can I say? I'm a slug, and need nine hours and fifteen minutes of sleep a night, and have now amassed quite a deficit,) and this mornings were doozies -- being in entirely the wrong place for a crucial pre-Mass, last mintue rehearsal, and then forgetting to put on glasses before leaving my seat waaaaay in the front of the nave, and heading back to the font waaaaay in the back of the nave to sing the motet at Offertory.

But the Holy Spirit takes care of fools, and nothing went wrong, (that I noticed, anyway.... Maestro Brouwers might beg to differ --- but he would do it so charmingly.)

And, as Himself asks, were ya prayin'? if you were prayin' it wasn't a mistake.

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