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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Proudly Identitarian

That is I.

But I am also chastened by His Excellency's reminder that we Identitarians must find a way to work with those who are not as zealous about... well, frankly, what distinguishes Catholics from those who are not Catholic.

I've been thinking about it as regards musicians.

Seven degrees of Francis Bacon, and all... I find myself encountering musicians whose aims and composers whose oeuvre I have, and do, (justly,) disparage -- but since our intent can never be to drive them out of the loft, (or worse, out of the Church,) but rather to admonish them and bring them round to orthodoxy and orthopraxy I need to stop being .... so loud.

I need to strategize -- there is always a compliment to be paid, and encouraging word that can be said.
Isn't there?

I need to get me some more o' those Cookies of Joy.

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