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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

"Look, Ma, I'm on TV!"

Well, not me...

Himself was a video-tapin' fool last night, we had cantor rehearsal, (and then the obligatory delivery of schedules and music to everyone who missed which last night was.... oh, EVERYBODY... but I digress.)

And among the treasures was a little half hour documentary on St John Cantius Church shown by EWTN, and watching it over coffee this morning I nearly did a spit take -- honey, that's YOU!
And I'm pretty sure it was, the body language, stride, clothing, head-shape, , growing out hair color (he's an actor, shut up,) way of inter-lacing his fingers, the line of his cheekbone -- he is a penitent.
He disagreed with me, but after being subjected to the same ten seconds of the video about 7 times, he came around (perhaps from battle fatigue? no matter, I won.)

And dormant dreams welled up again -- Restoring the Sacred.

All it takes is one man. One holy man. One priest.

Nave of Dreams
If you pray it, they will come.

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