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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A Technidiot Prepares to Enter the 21st Century

Just as I was the last person in the 1st world to get a cell phone, and that kicking and screaming, and brusquely silencing the clerk, no, I don't want it to do that, no, I don't want it to take pictures, no, I will never text, no, just give me a phone, JUST A PHONE!!!!!! --

Well, now, I give in.

I need one of them picture machines, what are they called? Ah, yes, cameras.

And those little magic boxes that let you hear something over again.

NO, NO!!!!!! Not that!

Yes, that's it.

I gave up on souvenirs a hundred years ago, I have too many old programs, posters, headshots, reviews -- what did I want to archive my life for?

But now I realize how badly I want photos and recordings of this week.


Heath said...

Ha. I'm still without one of those dastardly devices known as a "Cellular phone", Deo gratias. I'll probably hold out until my daughter starts dating . . .

My envy knows no bounds as I read about the wonders of the 2009 Colloquium. If it wasn't for these darn kids needing their father around . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh, no you don't, you're not going to get me to pity you by boasting that you have rugrats and I don't...
Seriously, parents are very blessed.

I only have a cellphone because Himself's Mom was a incessant worry-wart, who was certain danger lurked around every corner, and she slept easier knowing that if he or I were out in a car by ourselves we were not "alone."

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