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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

P.I.P. Colloquium?

The offereings at the breakout sessions this year have expanded.

This is not an altogether good thing, it increases ons anguish at not being able to do absolutely everything.
But I am really looking forward to one on service-playing tomorrow.

There are singers here, priests, choral directors, organists, composers -- it occurs that there ought to be some kind of a track for the Person In (the) Pew.

Obviously, neither the chapel at Loyola nor the housing could accommodate scads more people, and the week would no doubt be too long (and too expensive,) for the less intensely interested, but it seems to me some sort of joint effort with a retreat house near a larger church in Chicago (perhaps the cathedral?) including "lessons" in how to participate in Mass, how to sing the people's responses, the imminent (it is devoutly to be hoped?) new translations, the difference between liturgy and devotions -- culminating in a magnificent Mass, where your average John Q Pewduster could own (to use a favorite buzz word of both liturgists and actors,) his rightful participation?

I think it could be a really fruitful enterprise.



Spes Eminus said...

Wow...now I am really not sure if I could/should come with my beloved next year. Would I be seen as a Pewduster?!?! because I am not a singer, choral director, organist, or composer? Nice thought, though, that "some kind of track" should be offered for the rest of us who sacrificed to send our loved ones who are more "capable"...

mrsdarwin said...

Our schola director is at the Colloquium right now, the lucky thing. If you run into a lovely silver-haired lady named Barbara Manson, tell her that Cat says hi.

Scelata said...

Oh, Spes, that is not any kind of pejorative, and I hope you didn't think it was
I think I have seen the phrase "John and Mary Pewsitter" as well.

The nice thing about multiple choirs at the Colloquium is that it allows most of us NOT to need to be responsible at every musical moment, but to be, in my case, Scelata Pewduster, (or in the case of the EF Mass today, Scelata Kneelerdenter.)

I'm not naming names, but there are people at the Colloquium who do not ever seem to be singing in any of the choirs or scholas at Mass.

And you most certainly SHOULD come next year, you would have a splendid time.

Oh, and I should not haave phrased it the way I did, unless you have had some serious injury or other damage to your voice box, you ARE a singer, (just not a chorister:O).)

I was just thinking, with larceny in my heart, how easy it would be if you lived near a campus such as this, when there was an area of study for whihc you had some enthusisam but no expertise nor desire to acquire same, to just sling whatever ID card you had on a lanyard, (no one ever looks -- mine could be my old Blockbuster Video card,) around your neck and walk around popping into whatever lecture, rehearsals and addresses caught your fancy... and of course at this, anyone in the neighborhood can and should avail themselves of the liturgies.

Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Spes Eminus said...

Believe me, if I were in the neighborhood, I would certainly be sneaking in to get a seat in the back to hear what must be such magnificence.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Darwin, Barbara says hey right back.
We were in Dr Mahrts polyphony group last year and she was the cantor (FANTASTIC,) for the vespers Bsp. Cordeleone presided over.

Spes Eminus, do I know your "beloved?"
I'm doing chant w/ Arlene and polyphony w/ Wilko.

This is just shaping up as one of the great experiences of my life.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Spes Eminus said...

Maybe, probably...alas, he is Chironomo...and we have missed him terribly...