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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A Totally Frivolous Relic Question

The autograph of a saint would be a second class relic, right?

Wondering what the earliest known extant saint's autograph would be...

Surely there are many each for St Pio, ST Therese of Lisieux, St Thomas Becket, St Ignatius Loyola, etc., but what about any of the Church Fathers?

I've never been an autograph hound, (although I have a handful of books about opera and its stars in which I have scads from the singers mentioned therein.)
My aid to memento famae, or infamae, (no, I'm sure the Latin's all wrong...) has more usually been photos in which the subject wears a pair of golden sunglasses. It is remarkable how accommodating some very famous people are when asked to do something so silly.

I now realize that, believing I have encountered not just saints but people who will actually be canonized as such some day, I could have been gathering relics.

(I recently acquired a new crucifix, and had it blessed yesterday in such a way that I believe it will someday be a second class relic, although the priest who obliged laughed and turned the color of a poppy when I said so...)

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