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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Eszterhas and our Lady of Gudalupe

The man responsible for some of the ugliest movies ever made is writing a screenplay about what was arguably the most influential of all Marian apparitions.

I am a Catholic, so I believe strongly in redemption, and perhaps more importantly in the universal possibility of redemption -- anyone, any time, who has led any kind of life, for any reason, has but to turn his steps toward home; and while he is still a long way off, his Father will catch sight of him, and filled with compassion, He will run to meet him, throw His arms around him and kiss him.
But I, who need redemption just as much admit that news of such celebrity conversions often produce a certain queasiness. Not sure why.
It is not that I am skeptical.
As I said, not sure what it is, (when the high profile "conversion" consists mostly of the new, or newly devout Catholic, telling the Church where She has been wrong all these years, and isn't She lucky to have him aboard the Barque of Peter now to steer Her properly? in those cases I know what it is....)

Anyway, I would be very interested in the film.

Does anyone else think the writer confused his subject and object in this sentence:
Although historians have debated the circumstances and even the existence of the vision, it's been widely attributed to the spread of Catholicism in Mexico.

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