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Friday, 21 August 2009

Taking a Whizz

A Whizz Peach, that is, I believe I have the correct ingredients for it.

My curiosity about "alcopop" led me to the Wiki article on shandy, (I love the stuff,) and the discovery that the denizens of every country in Europe, even the oenophiliac, (and, perhaps, justifiably beverage-snobby,) French have some similar local punch.

Biermischgetränke is just an unbeatably wonderful name for kiddy liquor, no?

Imagine trying to say it when you were even a half a sheet to the wind.
The Whizz Peach, made by the private Wilhelm Rummel Brewery in Darmstadt, is made with 50% Kristallweizen (filtered wheat beer) and 50% peach-flavored lemonade.
I don't actually have peach lemonade, of course, but I do have some diet peach Fresca.

Think of that, diet Biermischgetränke...

Still want to try absinthe.

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