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Monday, 17 August 2009

Such Happy Men

I should have included in my post that used the rites at St John Cantius as a jumping off point for my Eeyore-ing, (oh, we caterwauled Sing to the Mountains, I think I'll go eat thistles...) a plea for prayers for these men who made professions, or were vested, as they continue their journey.
Almighty Father, bless and sustain Brothers David, Justin, Michael, Juan, Matthew, Mark, Robert, Nathan, Robin, Kevin, Jonathan, and Scott, and all of their Society.

I met up with a lovely, devout woman from my parish there at Vespers, who, when I saw her back home later in the week, could not stop exclaiming, wide-eyed, "how happy all those young men are!"

And so they seem. And so I believe they are.

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