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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Yeah, we got cable, so what?

Himself's "weekend" having commenced an hour or so ago, he suggested and I agreed and we opened a bottle.
And not Three-Buck Chuck this time, no, no.
What does Clos du Bois mean, anyhooo?
I am so much more accustomed to Carton du Bois. Or would that be Chateau boîte en carton?
Anyway, can a wine really have mocha, berry and smoke flavors, all rolled into its onesome?
But in any case, it was delicious. Is delicious, I have a sip or two left.

It was not altogether a bad thing to waste money going up one level on our cable. (I admit that right off the bat, getting EWTN was a kick.)

We have heaps of movie channels, they appeared all of a sudden. Not premium, not freshly on cable and DVD, but recentish, and of the sort that don't often appear at our small town theater, or in the red boxes, (not that the most skin-flintish woman on earth would rent a DVD...)

But not being quite the addict that.... well, other adults, who live in the same house as I are, I don't keep track of what's on, so films I might have wished to see often surprise me when I come across them in mid-showing.
I caught part of Picasso, I'll look out for the rest, (I'd watch Anthony Hopkins doing his laundry....), but the real prize was Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

I'm trying to remember, I can't place any of Schnabel's (sp?) paintings, but I have this nagging memory that I hate them.

But then I know nothing about art.

Anyway, Diving Bell was moving, beautiful, witty, thought-provoking.... and my heart ached when Jean-Do, listening to the reviews began to, well -- not see out of his left eye.

Really lovely. Excellent movie.

To use the buzzword I most despise -- it was ever so uplifting.

So I'm going to stop sneering at the fact that we pay so much for cable, you know, because it wasn't my idea.

I'm going to stop.

No, really.

I'm going to try to be reasonable.
In fact, in general I'm going to try to be kind and nice to the people who have to deal with me, most especially, Himself.

Say a prayer for me, if you think of it.
Or rather, for the poor guy who puts up with me..

1 comment:

Charles said...

Butterfly & Diving Bell, beautiful film....
There's another one coming out on DVD with that actor and Catherine Deneuve (sigh) that W et mois can't wait to take in.
Speaking of wine and movies- check out a little gem of a film: "Bottleshock" with a bunch of great actors starting with Alan Rickman. Story of the first head to head blind tasting IN FRANCE between Napa and French makers in the mid-70's.
Clois du Bois simply means "I went to Costco instead of Trader Joes" btw. ;-)