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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Well, if it's not likely....

Faced with a dearth a hard evidence that a cure is likely, psychologists officially say they shouldn't bother trying to treat you.

At least, that's what this story says.

"There's no evidence to say ... therapies work, but these vulnerable people are tempted to try them, and when they don't work, they feel doubly terrified," says a psychologist who chaired psychologist who chaired the task force studying certain therapies for the American Psychological Association.

Well, then, let's not bother.

Learn to live with it.

Better yet, avoid people who think that your problem is, well... a problem.

I wonder if these newly formulated principles apply to many areas of the psyche and its workings.

If someone has spent years, sometimes decades in analysis with psychologists -- will he be told that since what's going on doesn't seem to actually work, doesn't improve anything, (other than the psychologist's IRA balance,) he should quit?

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