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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Will Rome Rescue the Christians?

Damian Thompson, when he's not waxing wrothful and employing his weapon's-grade snark, is a journalist.

A few months ago I witnessed a little miracle: an Anglican friend of mine was received into the Church. It was a miracle because this particular friend had been adamant that he would not become a “Roman”, despite his love of traditional Catholic liturgy. There were many factors in his change of heart, but two words explain why he suddenly took the plunge: Pope Benedict.

At the centre of my friend’s Christianity is public worship, and (so far as I can judge from many conversations with him) the main reason he did not leave the Church of England is that he could not accept the claims of a Church which did not get its worship right. His objection was not to Vatican II, but to a casual approach to the celebration of Mass that made it harder to believe in the unique universal status of the Roman Church.

You'll want to read the rest of it.

When we worship as if we believe what we say we believe, it is powerfully evangelical.
We will begin realizing the goals of the Ecumenical Council when we begin celebrating the Liturgy the way the Fathers of the Council intended.
I would like to believe that we are on the brink of a Great Reconciliation.
That all may be one...

(Another good piece of Damian's in the Herald, about the how the Church can be re-invigorated by refugees from the Anglican Communion.)

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