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Friday, 2 May 2014

Barbarian Nation...

Such brutality, state sanctioned torture-execution:

BEIRUT: The jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant announced it had executed seven prisoners in its bastion in northeastern Syria on Tuesday, two of them by crucifixion.
ISIL, which has been disavowed even by Al-Qaeda, said it held the seven responsible for a grenade attack on one of its fighters earlier this month in the Euphrates Valley city of Raqa, which it rules with an iron fist.
"Ten days ago, attackers on a motorbike threw a grenade at an ISIL fighter at the Naim roundabout. A Muslim civilian had his leg blown off and a child was killed," the group said on Twitter.
"Our fighters immediately set up a roadblock and succeeded in capturing them. They were then able to detain other members of the cell."
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights posted a photograph of the two prisoners being crucified at the roundabout with passer-by walking past apparently unfazed.
One of them, blindfolded and with his head spattered with blood, had a banner wrapped round his body proclaiming: "This man fought against Muslims and threw a grenade in this place."
The monitoring group said they were not the first crucifixions by ISIL. On April 16, its fighters executed a man for theft from a Muslim in the same way
Oh, wait, not that one, this:
An Oklahoma inmate whose execution was halted Tuesday because the delivery of a new drug combination was botched died of a heart attack, the state Department of Corrections said. Director Robert Patton said inmate Clayton Lockett died Tuesday after all three drugs were administered. Patton halted Lockett’s execution about 20 minutes after the first drug was administered. He said there was a vein failure.
Lockett was writhing on the gurney and shaking uncontrollably.
The planned execution later Tuesday of a second inmate was postponed.
The executions of Lockett and Charles Warner previously had been delayed after they challenged the secrecy behind the state’s lethal injection protocol. Lockett received a new lethal injection formula that included the sedative midazolam as the first in a three-drug combination.
A four-time felon, Lockett, 38, was convicted of shooting 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman with a sawed-off shotgun and watching as two accomplices buried her alive in rural Kay County in 1999 after Neiman and a friend arrived at a home the men were robbing.

O glorious St. Dismas, you who among all the Saints, were the only one directly canonized by Christ Himself. You who were assured that on hat "very day" you would be granted a place in Heaven near to Him, because of the sincere confession of your sins in the Tribunal of Calvary and because and because of your true sorrow for them in open confession as you hung on the cross. You who with absolute love and repentance did move the Heart of Jesus to mercy and forgiveness, even in the fearful presence of the centurion. You whose face was that closest to Jesus in His Agony, to offer Him a word of consolation, even closer than His most beloved Mother, Mary. You who knew well how to pray. Teach me the words which I ought to say to Him in order to gain pardon and the grace of perseverance. You who are so close to Him in Heaven, as close as you were to Him during His last moments on earth, pray to Him so that I may never abandon Him again, and that at the end of my life I may also hear the words which He addressed to you: "This day you shall be with Me in Paradise," Amen.

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