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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rejoice Heartily, Shout for Joy!

Finally made my hotel reservations, and  can hardly wait for the Colloquium.
(Oh, I just realized that title makes it sound as if I am exhorting others to rejoice because I will be there, that's not it at all -- I'm the one with that for which to thank God and make merry.)

Sacred Music Colloquium

I thought the nourishment of the conference this past weekend would.... kinda tide me over, ('zat the expression?) for the banquet, you know?
But no, it has only whetted my appetite.

I seriously urge anyone who can to take advantage of what they can... if you're anywhere in Indiana or nearby Illinois or Kentucky and don't sing, or can't afford registration?


You will be consumed by the beauty.

If you don't sing or think you are not "musical" but can afford to sign up, I promise you, you will learn so much, and have such a profound spiritual experience, and find the addresses so engrossing, and the company so delightful, that you will kick yourself for not having opened yourself to these possibilities sooner.

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