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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

No, Jesus most certainly did NOT....

A writer for the National "Catholic" Reporter tells us that
It's OK to despair and swear at God, [because]... Jesus did, too.
I understand what he's talking about, and have lived through some of what he's going through, and agree with his essential message, or rather, what I believe to be his essential message, but like, say, some genial Argentinian man whose every word is misunderstood by the media given to rambling, no-don't-bother-to-record-or-take-notes-just-try-to-kinda-reconstruct-it-afterwards-from-vague-memories interview --

When you know, or can at least expect, and actually, really WANT people to be listening to your words, PARSE them a little bit, okay?

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