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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

"Conscious Uncoupling"

I read an interview with the woman who gives seminars, or wrote a book, or something with that title, moaning that a celebrity hadn't given her credit for the phrase when said celebrity announced her coming divorce. And yet a little ways down in the whining she let slip that she hadn't come up with it anyway, a friend had. Did she share proceeds or royalties with him, one wonders?

Anyway, anyone with a lick of sense would have to agree that consciously is the right way to divorce, it's not the kind of thing you ought to do while asleep.
Or in a drunken stupor.
Or after sustaining a cranial injury while trying to achieve Youtube immortality by riding something and jumping off something into something whilst simultaneously somethinging a something and wearing a something.
You know....

Anyway, wide awake and fully sentient, Gene Robinson is getting another "divorce".

As someone who has benefited greatly from the annulment process in the Catholic Church, I understand that what seems like an actual marriage might not be.

And forget not believing matrimony is sacramental,  if you don't take the process seriously your odds of having a successful marriage, or even a successful "marriage" must go down exponentially.

But I can't help but think the no longer happy couple of husband and husband would have benefited from pre-Cana.

Does the Episcopal Church have anything like that?

And I REALLY think they could have benefited from....well, from what the Catholic Church teaches. Quoted in the post article from a piece Mr.  Robinson wrote about an evangelical pastor and his approach to sin:
While Jesus never says a word about homosexuality, Jesus is quite clear and specific that remarriage after divorce is adultery. Following [the pastor's] advice to homosexuals, these remarried and ‘practicing’ adulterers should repent of their sin and seek to amend their sinful lifestyles – by divorcing their second spouses (ending their sinful ways) and thereafter living a celibate and chaste sexual life, according to the precepts of Scripture.
Ummm.... yeah. And in fact, Mr Robinson, the Church teaches that.
Yes, THE Church.
Which, Facebook posts purporting to have the goods on papal phonecalls to the contrary, She does still teach.
Logical consistency.... it's a good thing.

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