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Friday, 9 May 2014

Heritage Apples (oh, and Cary Grant)

Not a concept I'd ever encountered before, (though I have really enjoyed some marvelous, and marvelously ugly "heritage" tomatoes,) but I would certainly like to try and Aldenham Purple, or a Norfolk Rattlebox.
Here's how it works -- Time-suck that the internet is, someone wonders what the "coster" in "costermonger" might mean, etymologically it seems to have been derived from an archaic word for apple, (and is slang for "head", which makes sense when you think of other fruit-analogy insults like "melon-head,") we get sidetracked by Google Images of snappily dressed men, we learn that in French it refers informally to suits, or other outfits that cover the torso and ribs, oh yeah, (speaking of snappily dressed men,) paleontologist Cary Grant berating someone for wreaking havoc on his attempts to assemble a dinosaur skeleton, My intercostal clavicle! oh, some older strains of apples had ribs? ooh look, a whole website about apple varieties, and finally.....

clockwise from top-almata, mott's pink, firecracker, devonshire quarrenden; Sep 2010

Did YOU know there were red-fleshed apples?

Me neither!

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