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Thursday, 29 May 2014

"Heaven is a Person"

And even completely unchurched, even irreligious people are likely to know that, to say that.

I think because I married late, and was unusually inexperienced beforehand, the truth of Christian Marriage as a theological and spiritual metaphor has always, or rather, has since my marriage, been very clear to me, very obvious.

I love what the Pope Emeritus had to say five Ascensions ago....
In Christ ascended into Heaven, the human being has entered into intimacy with God in a new and unheard-of way; man henceforth finds room in God for ever. "Heaven": this word Heaven does not indicate a place above the stars but something far more daring and sublime: it indicates Christ himself, the divine Person who welcomes humanity fully and for ever, the One in whom God and man are inseparably united for ever. Man's being in God, this is Heaven. And we draw close to Heaven, indeed, we enter Heaven to the extent that we draw close to Jesus and enter into communion with him.

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