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Saturday, 24 May 2014

When you get really old, you can't always tell the difference between sunrise and sunset

The National catholic Reporter has no problem trumpeting the achievements of, or publishing the writings of, those seeking actively excommunication, who claim to perceive a "new dawn".
With almost 200 Roman Catholic Womenpriests, a renewed priestly ministry is flowering in 10 countries. Catholics worldwide are ready for a new model of church led by women and men. In the United States, approximately 150 women priests are serving in 60 inclusive liturgical communities and providing sacraments.

These activists seem obsessed with demanding the approval of a group of people and of an institution for which, for whom, and for whose doctrines they have  contempt.
Why Roman Catholic Womenpriests?
What authority do they recognize that would make the word "Roman" a part of the name of their catholic groups?

I noted last weekend that contrary to expectations when one attends most parochial or diocesan functions, where even including priests attendance is usually at least 3/4 female, CMAA functions, or any gathering that is serious about the Faith and the Liturgy seem to tilt a tiny bit toward the male sex, and  slant drastically younger.
Roman catholic Womenpriests, as an organization, seems.... a bit delicate.
  I myself am old and decrepit, and have  fondness for no-iron garments, (the purveyors of fashion don't fool me, by the way, I know polyester double-knit when I see it, even if you want to call it "ponte,") so don't think I am mocking the elderly, merely pointing out that... well, time may not be on their side.

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