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Friday, 23 January 2015

A Little More About Why Humans Need Not "Be Like Rabbits"

The Pope was right -- we needn't be because we CAN'T be.
Our plumbing doesn't work the same way their does' does.

Did you know doe rabbits ovulate "on demand" as it were?

Or at least, so Those Interwebs seem to attest.
The actual way sciencey persons put it:
 Rabbits are induced ovulators
(I heard so this morning, so I thought I'd look in to whether it was just True Fax, the inventing of which is a hobby in which members of my family famously partake, or actual science. A vet friend also confirms, actual science.)
I think I read somewhere that the Holy Father was a chemist, so all this isn't exactly in his wheelhouse, but fair 'nuff.

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