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Friday, 16 January 2015

Brave Man, a Guy With Orbs

Washington (CNN) Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has made a rare move for a Republican state executive: He rebuffed the National Rifle Association.
Snyder vetoed a bill [that] would have overhauled Michigan's concealed permit applications in a way that would have allowed people who faced restraining orders as a result of domestic violence or stalking allegations to obtain guns, as long as their orders didn't specifically restrict their access to firearms.
The NRA and gun rights advocates said those fears were overblown -- but Snyder rejected their arguments in a statement issued on Thursday. 

I have not read the bill.
I make no judgement on its merits, (although if  there was a loophole in the bill allowing men or women who had restraining orders against them for domestic abuse to carry concealed weapons just as long as they had not already been charged or convicted unless specifically prohibited by a judge - and the judicial system never lets anything slip through the cracks, right? she asked sarcastically - it think its faults are self-evident.)

I merely want to note that the man has .... is there decent American slang for "backbone"? The British say "bottle," I think, but I don't like the implication that you'd have to be drunk to be so reckless.
I'm gonna say he has orbs.

For a Republican to buck the NRA is almost suicide, isn't it? Heck, for politicians of any party.

Rick Snyder has orbs.

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