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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

THE LITURGICAL YEAR, but the Very Rev. Dom Posper Gueranger

As someone who badly misses the old card catalogues of my remote youth, I may easily be known as someone frequently distracted, often off task, and occasionally oblivious to something important that is.... in another car on my train of thought, (a train most susceptible to accidental uncoupling....)

Did I know that Gueranger's great work was available online? (I think I downloaded a kindle edition once that proved was not very useful because of some quirk or other, and this format is more useful to me.)
I do put a bit more effort into talking about the liturgical year with my CCD charges than I recall anyone ever doing with me, because the idea of seasons, and the Both/And rhythms of Catholic life seem to strike a chord with several of them. (Well, who's not going to like the idea of feasting before the Lenten fast, especially when it means chocolate?)

I've only ever read bits and pieces of it, always thought i should, and now it would be for pure love of knowledge of the subject since i am not nor probably ever shall again be charged with parish music direction.
So should I stop wanting actual books?
 I'm trying to divest myself of music, articles, books, etc. that were very hard found and acquired, (in some case, thank you eBay, hard won,) just a few years ago, but now virtually blooming, to be had for the plucking.

That's too many silly metaphors trains and flowers, and I digress... anyway, if I ever wanted it, there it is -
Let me be wise, let me fill up that harmony!
Liturgical prayer would soon become powerless were the faithful not to take a real share in it, or at least not to associate themselves to it in heart. It can heal and save the world, but only on the condition that it be understood. Be wise, then, ye children of the Catholic Church, and obtain that largeness of heart which will make you pray the prayer of your mother. Come, and by your share in it fill up that harmony which is so sweet to the ear of God.

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