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Thursday, 8 January 2015

"Too Many Women"

Some new friends and neighbors, a couple, recently moved in, attending their first HOA meeting.

Neither addressed the floor at the meeting.

They are about the same age, both bright, about equally articulate, both charming and out-going in an easy-mannered, gentle way.
The president and at least one other member of the board, separately, but both in my hearing, spoke to them in informal convo after the meeting, introducing themselves and welcoming them to the community.

They both suggested that the husband consider putting his name in nomination for a seat on the board in a soon-coming election. They did not also suggest that the wife get involved in Association politics, but theri reasons are clear.

Both the president and the other member said that there "aren't enough men" on the board.
Which, since I am of the quaint, old-fashioned mind that there are only two sexes, I take that to effectively mean that there are too many women on the board.

Is this because they are misogynistic? extremists? whose ideas should be dismissed as "fringe," who are "ultraconservative"?

(Did I mention that the president and the other board member are both women?)

Or is it just possible that in order to encourage the participation of one sex in an activity... or let's say a service... or maybe, a ministry... a kind of affirmative action might be necessary which is, frankly, a damper on the participation of the other sex?

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