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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Are We On The Verge of an Abyss?

CCWatershed has a piece by Aurelio Porfiri that seeks to describe the perilous state of liturgical music in the Catholic Church.
Why should we care about this person's opinion?
Because he is the composer of this.

So yeah, that is someone worth listening to on the subject of Catholic liturgical music.
Unlike those referenced herein:
Today everyone can rule over those who are unfortunate [enough] to take church music seriously: every catechist, every priest, every nun can teach you what they don’t know. 
All of these people usually have something in common that is very important: they are completely ignorant about liturgical music, but feel encouraged (from a mysterious spirit) to use their ignorance for the greater glory of God and the edification of the faithful.
Seriously, does that not ring true for every musician who has ever made music in the Church?  Maybe not in your current situation, surely not of all those people, but I would be shocked if every one of us had encountered a person of similar ignorance and similar certitude that what they were doing was right.
And sometimes, this person of ignorance and certitude is someone one really, really likes, even loves!
It is not easy.
AUTEM, (and it's a big "autem,")...
I think the natural state of all liturgical endeavours, perhaps all matters of the Faith, is to be on the brink.
And thus, the natural position of all those who engage in them, (and this includes the ignorant,) is one of careful, and prone to upset in the blink of an eye, balance.

As Christians, we are all on the verge of the abyss at all times.

If we are not either striving, reaching precariously for the Summit, or carefully picking our way through the surprisingly slippery surround of the Font, can we claim to be a disciple of Christ?

Is it, should it, ever be easy? settled?

The enemy doesn't sleep any more than rust does.

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