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Friday, 23 January 2015

Very Important, MUST Read About Third Vatican Council

Father Hunwicke never fails to inform, and to engage, and to inspire:
For the second time in this pontificate, there have been rumours about a Vatican III.
Perhaps this would not be a disaster. Roberto de Mattei's magisterial book about Vatican II gives an account of the coup d'Etat, the tricks and dodges by which the Rhenish bishops and their associates took the Council over; of how disastrous it was that orthodox bishops were so slow in getting themselves organised. Perhaps today's orthodox bishops would benefit from the Lessons of History. History does not always repeat itself. Particularly if people have read it.
Go and read the rest of it there.
Oh, and just one more paragraph, his writing is peerless:
More than half a century after Vatican II, we are only just beginning to transform some of Circe's pigs back into men, and finding it hard, invidious, and contentious work. Would a Vatican III do anything to wipe the sweat from our brows? Or would it simply increase the burden?

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