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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Catholic Curmudgeon says....

A Catholic curmudgeon, (that would be me, incidentally, not the blogger of that name, or your favorite Christian crank.. not the "a" rather than "the," I make no claims to primacy in my persnickety prattle,)...

Where was I?

Oh, yes.
I was perusing my personal liturgical calendar, you know, birthdays of friends, memorials of favorite saints, anniversaries of family divorces, remembrances of outstanding moments of Himself and my own mythos, (which he counts almost as important as the release schedule of Star Trek movies.)

Most especially, this time of year the local public school calendar needs coordinating with Sunday school lessons, and Church holy days, (and/or excuses for snacks.)

And I know this all came about like, a month ago, and the ship has sailed.


In my role of self-centered fault finder, I've decided that a Church that does not have room in its busy, busy life to celebrate the Real Presence, or some other day of note apart from a weekend when "ya hafta go to Church anyway," which obligation some 3/4 of us ignore, ON any given weekend to which we have shunted a Holy Day lest that obliviousness with which we shall observe it on said weekend  interfere with our workaday weekdays, did we not transfer it from its Thursday or whatever. 'Cause, you know, obliviousness takes up a lot of our energies.

Where was I?

Oh, yes.
I've decided that if we don't really have time or energy for Corpus Christi or the Ascension, we don't really have time or energy for a new holy day recognizing the cult of St Erda, or Blessed Gaia, or the Sacrament of Ecology.(And I say that as a crazed recycler/re-user/repurposer, who thinks federal taxes on gasoline ought to be raised hard as that might be on me personally, with a fairly eensie carbon footprint.)

Oh, and I feel the same way about "Catechetical Sunday."

I think a Eucharistic procession with Exposition and Adoration would afford the Church more "catechesis" than all the classes taught by all the teachers in all the religious ed programs, and all the sermons preached by all the priests in all the parishes in the US put together.
And I am unanimous in this.

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