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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Whacha lookin' at?

This is a piece about "great" hymns.

I agree with some choices, don't know others, (seemingly, from the author's choices, the list is complied out of a protestant experience,) actively dislike others, but  I find these kinds of lists to be very valuable -- when I was the go-to wedding guy for music at a parish, I was always very keen about trying to have the B & G program congregation music, particularly a congregational hymn somewhere if it was a mixed marriage - there are many protestant hymns that are fully compatible with Catholic theology, and it was the best way I could think of to make the ceremony respectful of another "faith tradition," to use the buzz word.

But I'm citing the article for another reason, a really fine turn of phrase, wording that is "neat," in the most basic sense of that word.
Truly excellent music angles our attention heavenward
Love that - "angles."
We're all looking at so many things, trying, actually to "multitask" by looking at man things at once.

And we're not "bad", we're not bad people because we're looking at that which is not the most important, it's HARD to focus correctly and and it's difficult to stay focused.

But the wrong POV,  the giving of attention to lesser matters, (much less to wrong things,)  is actually harmful. Harmful.

And sometimes all we need to do to eliminate risk of that harm, to give ourselves the right prospect, is to change the "angle."
Maybe only a degree or two? that may be sufficient! It could be that all you need to do is-
"Angle your attention heavenward!"
And liturgical music does that.
So the question is - what are you looking at?
And when truly excellent music angles our attention heavenward? It changes you. And when enough lovers of God collectively listen to the words and the music—it can cause a shift in the Body, the Church. It changes us.

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