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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Of Priests and Puns and Penetration

In one episode of Big Bang, "Shamey," in the course of conducting a social experiment that involves the two of them starting a rumor that their relationship has become intimate, have a conversation. that goes something like this-
Amy: The meme has reached full penetration.
Sheldon: Pun intended?
Amy: No. Happy accident.
Sheldon: Interesting! So it went beyond the mere fact  to a blow by blow account, as it were.
Amy: Pun intended?
Sheldon: I'm sorry, what pun?

Well, what do you think of this -
 The church should smell like the world that it penetrates.
 - from a priest breaking open the Holy Father's admonishment to “be shepherds with the smell of sheep”  - happy accident, or intentional?

I don't know much of Fr Rosica, I gather he's sort of the Mother Angelica of Canada, is he wont to be humorous?

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