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Thursday, 6 August 2015

+Cupich's Target Audience?

Archbishop Cupich, successor too the great Cardinal George in Chicago is taking a certain amount of heat for a lukewarm response to the snuff films starring various Planned Parenthood collaborators that is, at best, lukewarm.
While I can see a case for a stronger defense of innocent life from him, and as to his his admonition of those responsible for the murderous destruction of the unborn -- well, let's just say he notes others' outrage without actually expressing any himself --
So, yeah, there's a kind of "Some might say....." wording to the whole thing.

And then, the seamless garment shenanigans.


No, there is no moral equivalency between dismembering babies and selling the off for parts and working for less permeable national borders.
There just isn't, and his implying stating that there is is simply wrong.

But take note of who he's talking to.
Look at where his words are appearing.
He's not preaching to the choir, here, folks, he's addressing a secular constituency who, like as not, DO NOT AGREE WITH WHAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH KNOWS TO BE TRUE ABOUT THE SCOURGE OF ABORTION.

And some of them are good people, open to dialogue, and what is the argument the opposition is always throwing in pro-lifers' faces?

That we only care about human beings before they are born.

So here is a leader of the Church putting the lie to that.

How is that a bad thing?

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