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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Wishing You Well is Not the Same Thing As Endorsing Your Ideas

I get it, that the Holy Father thinks he should be able to say, or have someone say on his behalf something nice to any person who communicates on him.
He SHOULD be able.
Why is this even necessary?

But it is.

Francis has been popin' for a couple years now, and he knows, and everyone on his staff knows - It. Just. Doesn't. Work. That. Way.

Everyone else is working an angle, and he, or rather in this case, she doesn't mind skewing yours to work hers.
the Vatican Secretariat of State did not intend in any way to support “behavior and teachings which are not in accordance with the Gospel,” and using the Vatican response [to the author of a book about "gay" penguins talking care of a "Little Egg" as a couple] to imply otherwise “is completely out of place,” said Fr. Ciro Benedettini, deputy director of the Holy See Press Office...
The Holy See statement came in response to a media frenzy following reports that Francesca Pardi, author of a children’s book supporting gay adoption, received a letter from Pope Francis that allegedly encouraged her to keep up her work....
It includes the story of two gay penguins who adopt a baby penguin, among other non-traditional animal families.
Pardi is the author of a series of books supporting the notion of gay family, including “Why do you have two moms?” And “What is Dad’s secret?”
Pardi wrote a letter to Pope Francis, enclosing the catalogue of the books published by the publishing house “Lo Stampatello,” which she co-founded with her girlfriend....
Pardi said in a Facebook post that she had received “a private letter written by Msgr. (Peter) Brian Wells in the name of Pope Francis, on Vatican letterhead.”
She said that the letter was addressed to her and to her girlfriend, Silvia Maria Fiengo. She claimed that the Pope “had thanked her” for the “delicate gesture” and expressed wishes for “an always more fruitful activity in the service of young generations and the spread of genuine human and Christian values.”
Pardi added that the Pope gave her and Fiengo the Apostolic Blessing. Numerous media outlets covered the story by saying that the Pope was offering his support for Pardi and her book.
However, the Vatican says that the letter signed by Msgr. Peter Wells, assessor to the Secretariat of State, is not an indication of papal support.
Thanking people for their “delicate gesture” is part of the formula that is generally used whenever the Pope is offered a gift.
“(T)he Secretariat of State does not want in any way to back behaviors and teachings not in accordance with the Gospel,” Fr. Benedettini said. This is reflected in the letter’s wish for more fruitful activity “and the spread of genuine human and Christian values.”
He also said that the Secretariat of State addressed the reception of the letter “with a simple and pastoral style,” and later “clarified (that) it was a private response, and for this reason it was not intended for publication (as it unfortunately happened).”
[and this was a surprise to anyone at the Vatican?????]
As far as the papal blessing, Fr. Benedettini clarified that “the blessing is for the person and not for (any) teaching against the Doctrine of the Church on gender ideology.”
He added that the Church’s position on gender ideology “has not changed, as the Holy Father reiterated many times.”
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What IS Dad's secret????

(Just to be clear, I like penguins. Just remember, penguins get cheated on and they're adorable. I’d like to apologize for possibly making penguins seem like jerks, because 99% of them are stand-up guys.)

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