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Monday, 11 January 2016

"Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings..."

Feelings that I'm feeling
Feelings feelings, feelings,
Feelings felt by feelers,
People who have feelings....
Can't remember who, Bill Murray? someone did a sketch mocking the lyrics of the '75 monster hit, with something like the faux lyrics above.
Whoa, whoa indeed. (Someone else, and true to form I can't recall who, when there was a lawsuit being waged over creation of the song's melody, noted that it's really Verdi. I suppose there's a case to be made. But I digress.)

My new favorite blogger has a post where he considers, (but then disappointingly rejects, since it would be open to bawdy misinterpretation,) the word groupfeel instead of groupthink.

It reminded me, (it is not relevant to, it simply reminded me,) of a line from this mornings Magnificat reflection by Madeleine Delbrêl.
If your prayer is stripped of tender feelings, you will  know that we don't reach God through our nerve endings. 
So much more elegantly and kindly put than my, Stop this fetishization of your feelings!

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