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Monday, 18 January 2016

Who is the Strunk of the Vatican?

It has annoyed me, upset me, angered me, hurt me, galvanized me, for lo! these many years, that the world at large tried, and then Christians generally acquiesced, in the mothballing of practices such as noting dates with "A.D.", (and I have pretty much refused,) and the capitalizing of pronouns used for Him.

And by "Him," of course, I mean GOD. The LORD. The ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS. (Oh, and also for Her, Who is His Bride.)

When a blogger noted that Rome Reports not only uses the honorific capitalization, but uses it for the Pope, I assumed he was wrong, or joking, or... well, I need to stop assuming something is not so simply because it seems too absurd to be so.
The Report was all about how the Pope will use videos to,
expand on His teachings and make His monthly intentions for Christians to pray in a never before seen broadcasted spot like this...
The project is an initiative of the World Network of Prayer of the Pope and was conducted by The Machi Communications agency in collaboration with ROME REPORTS and the Vatican Television Center. From now on, every month, a video like this where the Pope will present His concerns and objectives will be published....
This is an unprecedented initiative, yet it showcases Pope Francis' approach in bringing His concerns to the world in a more direct and personal way.

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